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Cardinal RV Parks General Policies

We want all of our guests to feel right at home when they stay at Cardinal RV Parks. To maintain a clean, relaxing, safe, and secure environment for everyone, the following rules were established with a “Good Neighbor Policy” in mind. Since every contingency cannot be covered in one set of rules, we reserve the right to update and/or amend these rules as needed. If you have any questions about anything, please ask management first.

Check-In & Check-Out

  1. Office hours are 9 AM- 5 PM Monday through Friday, and the office is closed on Saturday and Sunday.
  2. Registration and payment are due immediately upon arrival and/or upon booking online. We accept the following payment methods on-site: Cash, Check, Visa, and MasterCard. (Payments by check can be made to Cardinal RV Parks LLC.)
  3. As part of the registration process, we require guests to provide a copy of a valid driver’s license. For guests staying longer than 30 days at our park, we require a background check.
  4. For after-hours check-in, please go to our and completely fill out the registration form, including all payment information.
  5. All RVs must be completely self-contained, well-kept, and in good condition. Any RV 12 years and older must be approved by the park management.
  6. The use of surge protectors and water regulators is highly recommended. We accept no responsibility for damage to Electrical and Water systems.
  7. You must inform the manager of the park about your check- out date in advance and settle your electricity bill before leaving (for monthly rent).


  1. Rates include a four (4) person occupancy, one (1) RV, and (1) vehicle per site. Additional fees apply per person and second vehicle. Up to 6 people and 2 vehicles are allowed per site.
  2. If you are staying monthly, payment is due on the same date as your arrival. Late payments will incur a late fee each day the payment is delayed. We do offer residents the option of scheduled automatic payments.
  3. The use of electricity, water, and sewer are included in daily and weekly rates. Monthly rates include water and sewer +
    SO.15 per kWh electricity extra charge. We have got an electrical meter on every Site.

Cancellation and Refunds

  1. There are no refunds or prorating for early departures and if management terminates your stay for failure to follow the rules.
  2. All site lock fees and booking fees are subject to a “No Refund Policy”.
    Daily/Weekly Reservations:
  3. All cancellations made within 14 days of arrival are subject to a $40 cancellation fee plus any site lock fees paid.
  4. All cancellations made 15 to 30 days prior to arrival are subject to a $25 cancellation fee plus any site lock fees paid.
  5. Monthly Reservations: All cancellations made within 14 days of arrival are subiect to a $100 cancellation fee plus any site lock fees paid.
  6. All cancellations made 15 – 30 days prior to arrival are subject to a $50 cancellation fee plus any site lock fees paid.

RV Sites

  1. Keep your RV site neat and tidy. Refrain from the use of clotheslines, tents, tarps, appliances, pet fencing, or other
  2. Trash must be deposited in the dumpster. Do not leave trash outside your RV.
  3. Use a rubber donut, threaded attachment, or plastic L-connection on your sewer hose.
  4. Since our park is within city limits, campfires are not permitted. However, charcoal, electric, and propane grills are allowed at your site.
  5. We are under water restrictions all year round so please don’t waste water. You can wash your RV manually only, using water pressure or hose is prohibited.
  6. Subletting your site is not permitted


  1. All garbage must be placed in plastic bags and tired securely, and empty boxes need to be flattened.
  2. All garbage must be placed INSIDE of the dumpster and should not be left outside. Do not put any trash, furniture, matrasses, or other items on the ground by dumpster or on the top.

Visitors & Children

  1. Visitors must check-in at the office and comply with all Park, Rules & Regulations.
  2. You are responsible for the safety and conduct of your children and visiting guests.
  3. Children under the age of 14 must have adult supervision.


  1. Up to two (2) dogs are allowed per site.
  2. All pets must always be on a leash and with the owner. Pets are not to be left unattended or tied outside. Portable dog fences are prohibited.
  3. Clean up after your pet.
  4. Pets are allowed off-leash at our fenced-in small and large dog parks. Do not leave them unattended.
  5. Dogs showing any type of aggression will not be tolerated in the park.
  6. All pets must have up-to-date vaccines and shot records.
  7. Pets are not allowed in the facilities.
  8. Failure to follow pet rules will result in eviction without a refund.

Alcohol, Smoking, Drugs, & Firearms

  1. Smoking is prohibited in park buildings.
  2. Dispose of smoking materials in proper receptacles. Do not throw them on the ground.
  3. No discharge or use of firearms or fireworks is allowed.
  4. All weapons shall be kept in compliance with all applicable state and federal laws.
  5. No alcohol is permitted in any common areas. Criminal or drug-related activity in or near the park will not be tolerated.

General Policies

  1. Check-in is at 1:00 PM, and check-out is at 11:00 AM.
  2. Quiet Time is 10 PM – 8 AM.
  3. The speed limit is 10 MPH in the park.
  4. For mail service, long-term guests can obtain a PO Box from one of the local Post Offices or UPS stores.
  5. No repairs or washing of vehicles or RVs are allowed unless approved by management.

Final Notes

  1. Profane, abusive, or threatening language, behavior, and/or actions directed at personnel or guests or that could adversely affect the enjoyment of others at our park are prohibited.
  2. Soliciting is not permitted on park grounds.
  3. Damage to Cardinal RV Parks property, including facilities, utilities, landscaping, vehicles, streetlights, or signage, is strictly prohibited. Guests will be held responsible for the repair of any damage.
  4. Cardinal RV Parks assumes no responsibility for fire, theft, vandalism, natural happenings, injury, accidents, or losses from any cause for any personal property.
  5. Park management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.


ACCORDING TO TEXAS PENAL CODE SECTION 31:04 (B), any guest who leaves without paying for site services or who refuses to pay for site services when due is subject to criminal prosecution. We provide service hook-ups for your RV. We require full payment in advance and will prosecute any violations under the “THEFT OF SERVICES LAW”.

Cardinal RV Park
2575 W Cardinal Drive
Beaumont, TX 77705

(409) 554-0156